BKNIX (Bangkok Neutral Internet eXchange) is the first neutral Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Thailand. BKNIX is NOT a transit provider. We provide Layer 2 IXP through high speed, low latency carrier-class equipments. Our mission is to enhance the Internet usage experience of local and international users.

The BKNIX facilities are designed by a group of Internet engineers who have more than 20 years of experience in this field to ensure the quality of service we provide.


  • Neutral Internet Exchange Point
  • Neutral network connections with choices for your carrier
  • Located at a world-class data center facility that has N+1 supported infrastructure
  • No charge for traffic volume
  • Operated 24×7 by qualified engineers
  • Supported by THNICF and ISOC
  • Licensed by NBTC

The advantage of Our Internet Exchange Point (IXP)

  • To establish a public peering point serving the Internet industry
  • To reduce latency and transit cost for local traffic
  • To improve Internet quality perception for customers

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