Net to Home (Social Enterprise) Co., Ltd. or Net2Home is a registered company under a mission of Thai Network Information Center Foundation or THNIC Foundation in which to increase the Internet penetration rate in Thailand. In 2014, ITU-D has estimated Thailand Internet penetration rate at 34.89% and Thailand has been ranked 5 out of 10 ASEAN countries.

THNIC Foundation  started a project of increasing Internet access using DUMBO technology (Digital Ubiquitous Mobile Broadband OSLR) developed by intERLab, AIT, which is a firmware that could deploy into small mobile routers. Those mobile routers were deployed into the Thai Samakkhee village in Tak province, northern Thailand in 2013 through THNG Camp activity. The first deployment is very successful due to that community network became another main infrastructure of the village. After the first, the deployments were repeated once a year.

After we found this operation model is suitable due to the less complication for installation and keep obviously lower prices to villagers, the Net to Home Co., Ltd. was then found to handle the operation for scalability reason. This model is for villages or communities which may have a need for Internet access, but unable to afford at the market price. Net2Home has intended to become Social Enterprise once the social enterprise procedure is released to comply the state policy.

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