THNIC supports “Botnoi Chatbot Mara-Hackhathon 2022” competition

on September 14, 2022        by Naritcha

        The THNIC Foundation supported the “Botnoi Chatbot Mara-Hackhathon 2022” competition that allows participants and business owners to create chatbots that respond to customer requests and business needs, such as creating chatbots that can recognize and support Thai domains and emails.

     The THNIC Foundation awarded a 5,000-baht prize money to the teams that successfully created a chatbot that could recognize and support Thai domains and emails. The event was held on 25 April 2022. Below is a list of the winners.

  2.     dy/dx
  3.     Code Cool
  4.     JAPPP!
  5.     My beloved job
  6.     Wai-run-nom-pong (วัยรุ่นนมผง)
  7.     Athena
  8.     Pa-ruai (พารวย)
  9.     Pid-term-wang-mak-mak (ปิดเทอมว่างมากๆ)
  10.     DevFinite
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